Back in the early 2000s, I began to create annual giving playlists.  I burned them on CDs and gave them to members of my team to enjoy.  Like the mix tapes of my youth, it was a way to show my appreciation, and it was also a lot of fun!  Since then, I’ve moved my playlist to Spotify and added additional songs to it.  It covers various solicitation channels, constituencies, and both solicitation and stewardship (at least based on the song titles).

I still listen to it when I’m writing appeal letters or crunching numbers.  I welcome all of you, especially those in annual giving, to give it a listen.  I hope it will entertain and inspire you as you go about your incredibly important work on behalf of your institutions

If you have any suggested additions for the playlist, please send them along to me at  I’ve got about half of your day covered so far, but that leaves a lot of room to grow.

Tammie L. Ruda