Our Services

West Wind is pleased to provide the following range of services for our clients. Click on the links for more details about each, or contact us for additional information.

Campaign Consulting

A campaign is a powerful tool to support your organization today, and create a strong foundation for the future. Our consulting services are designed to provide a strategic and holistic view of the impact a campaign will have on your organization, and to guide your program to success.
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Campaign Readiness Assessment

We provide an in-depth evaluation of the advancement program to assess the organization’s ability to support and sustain a campaign. We go beyond the traditional report to develop a customized set of recommended steps specifically designed for your current situation and needs, and we provide ongoing counsel to support the implementation of our recommendations. Our review includes an assessment of current initiatives, staff capacity, organization and planning, infrastructure, and the overall environment to support a campaign.
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Campaign Feasibility Studies

We conduct a study in phases to determine the feasibility of, and strategy for, a capital or comprehensive campaign. In addition to the internal assessment, the feasibility study focuses on the readiness of the organization’s external audience to support particular strategic directions or initiatives, and is designed to play an important role in case development and donor and volunteer engagement.
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Ongoing Campaign Counsel

For the duration of a capital campaign, our ongoing counsel services include assistance in developing and implementing a campaign plan, recruiting and training volunteers, identifying a pool of prospective donors, and developing strategies that help prepare donors to be asked to give. As needed, we provide advice on enhancing an existing program, such as major gifts or the annual fund; developing creative and meaningful recognition programs; managing presidential/CEO transitions; establishing more formal operating plans for the advancement program; assisting with board development; or resolving complex organizational, structural, or staffing issues.
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Annual Fund Consulting

A well-run annual fund is the lifeblood of your advancement program: providing a steady source of flexible financial support, as well as helping to identify and engage future major gift donors, volunteers, and staff leaders. Our firm is dedicated to helping your annual fund reach its full potential.

Annual Fund Assessment

Through the collection and review of data, site visits, and knowledge of best practices, we provide an in-depth evaluation of the annual fund operations to determine areas of strength and opportunities for growth, and we develop specific actionable recommendations to enhance your annual fund’s performance.
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Ongoing Annual Fund Counsel

Our ongoing annual fund counsel services include guidance and support in implementing the recommendations from our Annual Fund Assessment. We help resolve structural or staffing issues, provide staff and volunteer training, create strategic operating plans, and develop new initiatives designed to enhance the program and achieve goals.
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Strategic Internal Assessments

We provide an in-depth evaluation of an existing advancement program within an organization as well as specific programs within advancement such as major gifts. Strategic Internal Assessments are especially effective when conducted prior to a campaign to determine the organization’s capacity to support and sustain a major fundraising initiative. Another excellent time to conduct an assessment is at the conclusion of a campaign to realign the organization to meet post-campaign challenges and opportunities, but an assessment can be helpful at any time an organization wants to optimize its performance.
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Board and Staff Training and Retreat Facilitation

Ranging from half-day to multiple-day sessions, our board and staff training and retreat programs provide participants with an understanding of the fundraising and strategic planning processes. Topics include nonprofit fundraising and the role of the board, introduction/overview of development programs and/or capital campaigns, designing and implementing major gift programs, and effective stewardship of major donors. Programs are designed to meet client’s individual needs and often involve collaborators who bring specific expertise to the training experience.
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