Annual Fund Consulting

Today’s Annual Fund programs are faced with more complex demands and challenges, but they remain the bedrock of a successful advancement program.  We all know that an Annual Fund program is labor and cost intensive, but it’s difficult to know if you are investing resources in the way that best serves your organization.

Your investments in the Annual Fund aren’t just about this year’s Annual Fund goal—as important as that is.  You are investing in your future major gift donors, your lead volunteers, and your future board members and chairs. You are stretching your internal operations to run more efficiently, and developing staff that can lead your organization in the years ahead.

A well-run Annual Fund can do all this for you—and more.

Because every organization has a unique set of circumstances, our firm is dedicated to a deep, data-driven, customized review to help you create a foundation for long-term success. Our Annual Fund Assessment will help you see the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your Annual Fund.  We also provide Annual Fund Counsel to help implement recommendations from the assessment, and to assist in navigating the challenges that inevitably arise along the way.