Founding Philosophy

West Wind Consulting Strategies in Fund Raising LLC was founded to promote philanthropy-based, sound, ethical, and meaningful fundraising programs and initiatives. We help programs who believe in the tenets of mutual respect and trust between a nonprofit and its donors and who nurture relationships through careful thought, creativity, positive energy, and grace.

Philanthropy has the power to propel an entire organization to reach new heights well beyond the success of the programs directly supported by the dollars raised. When philanthropy is inspired by creative vision, a powerful mission, exceptional leadership, and a sound and strategic business plan, it can help an organization become its very “best self.”

West Wind Consulting helps clients reach a higher plateau by providing focus, strategy, professional expertise, and coaching throughout the climb. We offer our clients a safe space and a calm and experienced sounding board where they are free to test ideas, talk through challenging circumstances, ask questions, and be assured that they will always receive honest, respectful feedback.