Campaign Counsel

Ongoing campaign counsel can help you focus your time and energy on the things that are most important to meeting your goals, helping you leverage the most from the campaign. Our depth of experience can help you navigate challenges that inevitably arise along the way.

We create services in partnership with you that are specific to your situation. For example, the following counsel services tend to be most valuable to clients as they move into the leadership (otherwise known as “quiet”) phase of the campaign:

  • Help refine a written campaign plan to guide the work
  • Advise on strategy for campaign leadership configurations and recruitment
  • Train staff, volunteers, and board members
  • Participate in strategy discussions for securing lead gifts
  • Advise on supporting the president/CEO in solicitations and relationship development
  • Advise on agendas for campaign leadership meetings
  • Assist staff in setting up campaign reports for tracking progress
  • Provide samples and help develop campaign materials
  • Assist in developing a campaign budget

During the course of the campaign, counsel services typically include:

  • Participate in regular campaign committee meetings (or as needed)
  • Monitor progress toward milestones
  • Monitor progress on campaign plan and make adjustments as needed
  • Review and refine funding proposals and other written solicitation material
  • Assess campaign momentum and make recommendations for sustaining it
  • Advise on donor and volunteer recognition strategies and major fundraising events
  • Work with staff to conduct and document a full campaign analysis at the close of the campaign.

Ongoing counsel typically involves on-site visits to work with staff to plan and implement recommendations and monitor progress toward campaign objectives. Agendas are prepared jointly and in advance of each visit. Other work is accomplished through regular conference calls, e-mail exchanges, and periodic review of materials.